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11 MAY 2019

Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival Ended with Piazzolla-Gala Night


Antalya, Turkey’s tourism capital, has drawn great attention by Russian tourists, and recently hosted a new classical music festival. The Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival ended on May 11th, with a closing concert titled “Piazzolla-Gala”. The festival was very well-received by art-lovers, and featured internationally acclaimed Violin Virtuoso and Conductor Vladimir Spivakov as the General Art Director at the Side Ancient Theatre.

Vladimir Spivakov, one of the greatest violinists of our time, as well as the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, accompanied the talented Russian accordionist Nikita Vlasov, and the soloists of the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra for the closing concert titled “Piazzolla-Gala”, on the evening of May 11. The closing concert featured the unique and romantic works of Astor Piazzolla, and enchanted art lovers who filled the Side Ancient Theatre.


The first concert of the Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival, on Wednesday May 8th, began with the works of “Composers of Two Friendly Countries”, by Turkish Composer Nevit Kodalli and Russian Composer Shostakovich. Russian soprano singer Anna Aglatova then performed some of the most popular arias of opera. Known as “the sister of Cecilia Bartoli” in Europe, the young artist’s solo talent was rewarded with great acclaim. At the end of the concert, world-renowned Turkish pianist and composer Fazıl Say performed Mozart’s “12th Piano Concerto” solo. Say, who was watched with great attention and admiration by the crowd, came to the stage in response to the intense interest and applause. He played his “Black Earth” piece with a surprise collage, connecting it with the tune of “Mountains of Izmir”, and then finishing with a piece from Âşık Veysel. Art lovers filling the theatre enjoyed this unique improvisation.

The second concert of the Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival, on Thursday May 9th, saw the Moscow Chamber of Virtuosos Orchestra welcome Spivakov as chief and soloist for Vivaldi’s “Violin Concerto”. Later, under Spivakov, the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra accompanied Sergey Zhuravel, one of the most successful flutists in Russia, for Vivaldi’s “Flute Concerto”. The concert ended with the works of Boccherini and Tchaikovsky.


In regards to the concert he gave alongside the festival’s permanent orchestra, the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Vladimir Spivakov stated that it had been their most thrilling concert in recent years. He said, ‘’The Turkish Russian Festival was not only delightful for you, but also for us. We especially want to thank Barut Hotels. We were very happy to be here with you for three days, and we will carry these memories in our hearts for a long time. We wish health and happiness to you, your children, and your families, and all the best to your country. We hope to see you again.’’


The Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival was organised by Barut Hotels, one of the most important tourism groups, that have implemented social responsibility projects to benefit society in several aspects, such as culture, art, history, nature and sports. Following the two countries declaring 2019 as ”the Turkish-Russian Culture and Tourism Year’’, Barut Hotels Chairman Haydar Barut stated that they aimed to consolidate and celebrate their long-standing friendship with music, and added, “We have contributed to such a special year with the Turkish Russian Classical Music Festival at Side Ancient Theatre. Following the immense interest, we would like to thank all those who made such a great effort, and mainly our artists.”